Driven by faith, enthusiam, dedication to equality and perserverence, the desire for change and the passion to provide quality and affordable instruments to our community and abroad, Stay Tuned Music has risen into greater heights in pursuit of becoming your music retail business.
Rodetria Mosley is the proud owner of Stay Tuned Music Shop. She owns and operates the first African American woman owned music instrument and retail business in the southern state of Louisiana. Ms. Mosley is a single mother of 4, where she has been a band parent to all 4 of her children for the past 9 years. Not only has she been a dedicated band parent to her children, she has also been a band parent to hundreds of new and seasoned student during this musical journey. As a parent, Ms. Mosley has had her share of struggles when it comes to purchasing instruments and accessories for her children; in which she can relate to hardships that may come along in life that can keep us from pursuing a passion we as well as our children may have deep inside of us.
Ms. Mosley isn’t just recognized as a mother and band parent, she also lives a life with a passion for medicine. She has remained ambitious, diligent, loyal, reliable, innovative and motivated as she continues to pursue her career in the medical field. She has a passion and a love for music of all genres. With this passion, Stay Tuned Music was birthed into the world to provide quality and affordable instruments and equipment for all music lovers. Stay Tuned Music Shop caters to your music needs ranging from beginning band, advanced band, marching band, Orchestra, live band & many other cultural music lifestyles around the globe. We provide instruments, equipment and accessories for all of your music needs.
Looking for something you don’t see on our site? Send us a message. We will do our best to locate the item(s) you want. We have a vast network of wholesale music gear suppliers and manufacturers!